Puppy Selection

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How our Puppy Selection Process Works

Trying to assign a puppy to a new home is both one of the most exciting and difficult tasks for us at Amor Havanese. The Havanese breed adds its own set of complications, litters are usually small (4-6) with the demand far out striping the availability, coloring is extremely difficult to predict, pet vs. show quality decisions and the  greatest wild card is the sex mixture. Having been a breeder/owner, of various breeds of dogs, for well over 30 years, I know the anticipation and impact of bringing another member into the family. My priority in placing puppies is , first to do what is best for the puppy and the family, and only after that, what will assist Amor Havanese in maintaining the healthiest and highest quality dogs for the future.

Except for extremely rare situations, puppies are only allowed to leave the litter when they are  10 weeks of age. This is critical to allow them the best opportunity for good physical, mental, personality  temperament and  growth. During these  first 10 weeks , our puppies are constantly monitored and handled to help reveal behavior and physical characteristics, these are things  all owners are interested in.  At about 8 weeks of age, the puppies are  mature enough to  start  to evaluate their conformation and physical traits reasonably well. ( It takes at least 8 weeks to evaluate a bite). It is only after this evaluation is completed can the litter be divided into show  and  pet puppies. It is important to note that  the distinction between show and pet quality  only reflects on a dog's potential suitability for the show ring. It does not relate to a particular puppy's health, temperament or disposition. (They all come from the same parents).

It is only AFTER the 10 week evaluations can the potential pairing of particular puppies to families begin. The ultimate allocation priority  is determined by the order  deposits are received. Our best attempt is made to provide the desired color and/ or sex. After show puppies are paired with their new owners, pet puppies are allocated. Families, whether desiring a pet or a show puppy , having a strong desire for a particular color and /or sex can often severely limit themselves in a particular litter. Amor Havanese will attempt to inform pending buyers of the sexes and colors in the selected litter as early as possible. But, it is only after 8 weeks that it will be possible to know what category each puppy falls into and how they might be assigned. Owners should think about alternative choices to their primary request and be prepared to promptly accept a different color or sex.

If no  puppy is available from a  litter,  or the sex you wanted then the puppy buyer can request the deposit either be applied to the next litter or fully refunded. Depending on the timing of the first litter to the next one available, it is possible for a reassigned deposit to receive a higher priority than it had in the original litter. Deposits are NOT refundable if you send one to hold a puppy and then purchase one from another breeder. A deposit is a commitment.

Hopefully, this helps you understand how our puppy selection process works. It is Amor Havanese's desire to fulfill each owner's dreams........ and these puppies do make dreams come true.