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AKC Champion Havanese Dreamer

AKC Champion Baribals In A Dream

DTCH, BS Baribal's Cafe Au Lait AMERICAN CHAMPION Pillowtalk's Karamello DT. JGDCHAMPION LJS FR.-OBPF.\'94 Pillowtalk's Desperado
Pillowtalk's Grazia
Baribal's Mirabelle Pillowtalk's Mr. Right
Pillowtalk's Tarantella

Click Here for Full Pedigree including Pictures

Baribal's Raizel DT.JGD-CHAMPION Baribal's Leon BUNDESJUGENDSIEGER 2001 Pillowtalk's Hasta La Vista
Baribal's Cherry On The Cake
Baribal's Tabby Pillowtalk's Mr. Right
Baribal's Oilily

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